Hannibal Lecter Would Choke On A Piece Of My Mind

Glorious, Wonderful Freedom

So the server at NewsBusters has just been bombed by Matt Drudge.  I don’t mean to imply that it is Drudge’s fault that our servers can’t handle his epic traffic; only that Drudge caused one story to get about fifty thousand hits in forty minutes.  A Drudge hit is pure gold for your hitcount.

In the meantime, I thought I’d write down a few thoughts on today’s Tax Day Festivities.  All day, from CNN’s bellicose reporting in this clip:

To MSLSD visually connecting the Republican party with the DHS “right-wing extremists:”

To CNN connecting conservatives with Nazis:

To NBC’s chief White House Correspondent saying that the whole Tea Party thing hasn’t really caught on:

All day, there has been denial after denial, claims of ignorance from the press and President, downplaying from The Gibbster, outright negative campaigning from MSLSD, and a general feeling that the White House and Press Cabal don’t really like this too much.

But they can’t stop it.

Isn’t it interesting that, when the powerful are powerless, they sulk like a dissed cheerleader?  Isn’t it interesting that, when there can be no more denying that there is such a movement, all reports and reporters come back with an overwhelming negative message of anger, anger, anger?

And isn’t it interesting that, despite all claims to the contrary, this message is remarkably unified regardless of whether a member of the media is saying it – or if it comes from the podium of the White House press room?

This is why freedom is so dangerous.  The freedom to peaceably assemble, to speak, to petition the government for redress of grievances – THIS! This is what government fears.  They fear it more than left or right-wing extremist groups.  They fear it more than Islamist terrorism.  They fear it more than losing a war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the repercussions of Mexico’s near-inevitable collapse.

Government fears free people.

And why should it not?  Our government is designed to be responsive to the people – for government itself to serve the people by protecting the liberty of the few against the tyranny of the masses.  But it is also designed to foster career bureaucrats and politicians; and when these are threatened, government is shaken to its core.  For it is then that they remember – when they feel – that true power lies with the free citizens of America.

What a fantastic thing is this, that the most powerful organization on the planet quakes in its collective boots at the sight of tens of thousands of free citizens peacefully protesting the rise of economic tyranny!

And why else do they fear us?

“…and ya always fear what ya don’t understand.”
– Carmine Falcone, Batman Begins –


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