Hannibal Lecter Would Choke On A Piece Of My Mind

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I’ve been watching the two sides of the Specter Defecter food fight over the last day, and I think I can sum up the totality of both sides.  Here goes:

GOP: Sweet.  It’s about time he started being honest…



I think both sides are at least a little off.  While I am certainly glad to see Sen. Specter finally make himself an honest man (albeit still a hypocrite, since he decried the same move from Jeffords), it shows great disregard for the voters that worked to re-elect him in 2004 – over the fact that George W. Bush lost Pennsylvania in 2004.  He didn’t deliver PA, but the Republicans still stood by him.  Pat Toomey would remember that quite well.

The GOP’s reaction is also a misguided reaction.  I can understand the venting of nearly three decades of frustration with Senator Specter – we conservatives are beyond upset with Specter’s behavior of siding with Republicans only when the issue wasn’t very important to us.  But the fact remains that both the Republicans and Democrats can count to sixty.  And no matter how much we hated Senator Specter, he is now free to agree with Democrats as much as he wishes, and perhaps more so.  This will be damaging to Republicans in the short term, and damaging to America in the long term.  I’m not sure this could have been averted – but it would have been worth attempting, and putting up with Specter, for at least one more term.  At that point, unleash Toomey.  Because after that, if Republicans still have not retaken the Senate, it will matter very little to conservatives’ long-term goals.


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