Hannibal Lecter Would Choke On A Piece Of My Mind

Idol Campaigning: Anatomy Of A Campaign

And now, for my little sisters’ sake, I shall do a shade of analysis of American Idol politics.  I would much rather watch NCIS, but the AI demon possesses the family television regularly…so it rubs off.  Paula may be the single most inane human being on the planet – I barely escape the episodes without bleeding from the eyes…

Red-state versus blue-state, in American Idol. It seems that nothing can escape the reaches of anti-conservative bias. You may have not seen it (heck, you may have not watched it…), but it’s there. Doubt me?

How shall I count the ways?

Adam Lambert may or may not be homosexual. Do I care? Not really – the guy is ridiculously talented, no matter what his bed-partner preferences. But homosexuality is a wedge issue, and they’ve made a bigger deal out of Kris’ marriage lately – more shots of his wife than they have previously given.  Combined with the recent brou-ha-ha over Ms. California and the demographic of AI viewers, this is a subtle attempt to influence the vote.

The down-home, just-a-guy-next-door thing has also been played up of late, juxtaposed with Adam’s purported Star Power. The thing is, I think that might backfire on them – nobody wants to sing along with Adam; he’s too good.

The song choices are my biggest peeve, especially in the second round. Adam gets to sing a song that is clearly designed to pick up the Obama Youth (A Change is Gonna Come), while Kris sings a song (What’s Going On) that could possibly be designed to depress his turnout. Then, throw in the gushing over (what I thought was) a mediocre performance from Adam; and the HOORAY SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SONG judgment for Kris. An anti-war song will not play well with the South, and Adam’s legions of shrieking-girl fans will not be dissuaded by a flatly bad final performance.

Summary: The judges voted for Barack O’Lambert. Here’s hoping they get disappointed.


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