Hannibal Lecter Would Choke On A Piece Of My Mind

Fit To Lead

Nothing is quite so annoying as a person who is arrogant without cause.

I understand being arrogant if you’re massively accomplished.  If you, for example, are a major-league baseball player — that’s an accomplishment.  The hardest thing in the world to do is be able to hit a five ounce, three-inch-diameter horsehide sphere moving at some speed between 55 mph (Tim Wakefield) and 105 mph (that reliever who plays for the Reds, whose arm has got to be a ticking time bomb) with an end-heavy stick made of ash or maple lumber.  Oh, and by the way, those balls don’t usually go in a straight line.  And then there’s the optical illusion that goes with it….

I digress.  Point is, that’s very difficult.  So is graduating from West Point, or so I hear.  I know, though not as well as the West Point grads, that it’s difficult to lead people in a combat situation.  I know, because I’m told by those who have, having never done that myself.  So imagine my surprise, when the heir to the Murkowski dynasty of Alaska deemed a combat-decorated (most notably, a Bronze Star for leadership), West Point graduated (with honors, no less), U.S. Army Captain tank-platoon-leader-in-Desert-Storm…unfit to lead.

That’s a quote, by the way.  “Unfit to lead.”

After graduating from West Point and stomping a mudhole in the Iraqi Republican Guard, Joe Miller graduated from Yale Law School, worked in the legal sector in Alaska for a while, started his own law practice, and ran for state office (lost as a Republican in the eighth district, Fairbanks, like most Republicans do).  And oh, just to round things out, in 2009, he earned a Masters degree in economics.

But he’s not fit to lead, according to Princess Lisa.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin.  Lisa Murkowski was first appointed to that seat in the Senate.

By her dad.

To that point, she had only been a member of the State House.  State legislator rocketing to vague and unearned stardom, does that sound a tad familiar?  Earlier on, Murkowski graduated (sans honors) from Georgetown University, and earned a law degree from Willamette University College of Law.  And promptly failed the bar exam four straight times.

Fifth time’s the charm, though; and she probably worked hard from there.  But nowhere in her record do I find anything as compelling as a single bronze star pinned to the chest of a person who successfully led men into the teeth of a war, and out again.  As far as I can tell, Murkie’s credentials for leadership consist of having a daddy who happens to be governor when you start dabbling in politics.

Bottom line is this:  The major quality I want in a leader is someone who earns my devotion.  As far as I can tell, Murkie hasn’t earned jack.  And Miller?  He’s earned every ounce of the respect that any man gives him.  That alone makes him fit to lead — and proves that Murkowski wouldn’t recognize leadership if it mugged her on the Metro.


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