Hannibal Lecter Would Choke On A Piece Of My Mind

Cynical Libertarians Made Me Think…

…and that’s unusual, because they normally are so busy spouting nihilistic nonsense, they forget to make an actual argument.

So I’m surfing Facebook on a Friday night because the DD program starts at 10…and I don’t have a woman to distract me.  (Hooray for being single, by the way…)  A friend of mine from college posted something along the lines of:

Politics isn’t about things that matter.  Politics is about IF YOU VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY, YOUR GRANDMOTHER COULD DIE!!!!!11!!1!

Here’s why this libertarian is useless.

Politics is about things that matter, because it’s a two-way street.  It’s not about lies and the lying liars who tell them (a rare good line from Al Franken).  It’s about lies, the lying liars who tell them, and the willing saps who allow themselves to be lied to.

Campaign rhetoric has not changed appreciably since the early seventies.  That’s forty years, roughly, of the same crap being poured on the heads of the populace like a bowl of pureed baby barf.  But what is to stop us from taking an umbrella?

People know, roughly, what the political parties stand for.  Start with the basics: Economics.  The two parties are, with the exception of the Bush presidency, wildly divergent.  Republicans are the party of smaller government, with an emphasis on lower spending.  The idea is to grow the economy faster than the budget, which gives relatively greater economic freedom to all who participate in the economy.

Democrats, on the other hand, want to use the power of government to plan society in the way that seems best to them — and to do this, they must grow the power of government.  When government power grows, economic freedom is slowly strangled.  The idea is to grow the budget faster than the economy, giving the government a greater percentage share of the market — and therefore, control over winners and losers in the economy.

We know these things.

We know that Republicans in general appoint strict constructionist judges to the courts — and that this interpretation of the Constitution limits the power of the federal government.  It distributes the power to lower branches of government, allowing for greater control of governance by the people themselves.  On the other hand, we know that Democrats appoint judges who fly under an array of flags, all meaning the same thing: Written law is whatever I say it is.  For the only unelected branch of government to do such a thing can only be described as tyranny — and it enables the legislative branch to impose laws which are destructive to freedom, without the check of the Constitution.

We know these things.

The choice is not between moral people and immoral, or between pro-choice and pro-life, pro-gun and anti-gun, strong military versus weak, or even between keeping your grandmother alive or not.  The choice is between freedom and slavery.

Freedom is not only being able to start a small business.  It is being able to take that small business, and grow it into a global conglomerate.  If you can only start a small business if you keep it small, that’s not a business.  It’s a Rubik’s Cube — a plaything, a minor distraction to keep your thoughts away from the freedom you could have.

It is possible to know what individuals will largely do once they’re in office.  But cynical libertarians are too busy complaining about being lied to, to make a choice between the two sides that are, no matter what they’re saying.  It takes two for a lie to be successful — first, a liar to tell the lie, and then a person gullible enough to believe it.  Cynical libertarians have all the tools to blow away the lie and make a choice between the two sides, and refuse to use those tools on “principle.”

What tools.

Yes, it sucks being lied to constantly.  But if the lie doesn’t work, they’ll stop telling it.  So calm down, look past the smoke screen, and make a choice.  It’s not always a good choice, but it’s a choice that can lead to good.  So quit whining and make a difference, or play a different game where you’re allowed to cry.


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