Hannibal Lecter Would Choke On A Piece Of My Mind


I’m a boy in man’s clothing.  I am an extremely toothy sheep among wolves.  I am Jimmy Hoffa, the Yeti, and Spartacus.  I’m usually funny, but can be fiercely sarcastic.  I’m young on the outside, and old on the inside.  If youth is in the mind, I’m screwed.

I’m a Mets fan, and tolerate all other sports to surf through the offseason.  I’m a Christian, and fiercely intellectual.  I’m a raging conservative, but not close-minded.  I’m completely sane – but I jump off of bridges for fun.

I’m a walking contradiction, because life is more fun that way.  The only rigid bit of consistency?

Everywhere I go, people know the hat.


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